• The registration of a student in FC Cartagena SAD implies the knowledge and acceptance by the parents/mothers/legal guardians of these internal regulations, as well as ensuring that their children respect them.
  • At the beginning of each season the fathers/mothers/legal guardiansThey will provide the relevant identification, administrative and authorization data that the Club requests.


  • Parents and legal guardians undertake to make the payments agreed by the Club within the established deadlines. Once the course has started, the organization will not return the payments made. Failure to make payments within the established deadlines (1-5 of each month) may mean the player is not called to the matches, until the situation is regularized.
  • The established payments will be 35 euros/month for the male categories, 25 euros/month for the female categories and 20 euros/month for siblings. These fees will be paid between the months of September 2023 and June 2024, both inclusive regardless of the start or end of competitions. In case of withdrawal during the month of June 2024, the reservation of a place for the 2024/25 season is not guaranteed.
  • In the event of any monthly non-payment, the father/mother/legal guardian will assume the costs derived from the return or commission applied by the bank.
  • The payment of the registration will not be returned in any of the cases since with the payment what is produced is a blockage of the place which cannot be replaced.
  • Regarding fees, enrollment and all kinds of administrative procedures, they must be communicated through the official email provided for this purpose. Cancellations will also be processed through said email, not being effective until they are communicated by said means. (



  • Just as the club transmits information, we understand that at some point a family or person close to the club wants to provide us with any type of idea, question or recommendation. They will have the opportunity to do so via e-mail (
  • Fathers, mothers and relatives will be absolutely prohibited from asking for explanations from the coach or members of the coaching staff related to; technical-tactical aspects, accumulation of minutes, etc. To do this, they must contact the corresponding Coordinator, by appointment via email: (
  • Regarding fees, enrollment and all kinds of administrative procedures, they must be communicated through the official email provided for this purpose. Cancellations will also be processed through said email, not being effective until they are communicated by said means. (


  • Fathers, mothers and relatives will be able to create WhatsApp groups in which the team coach will not be present under any circumstances. Coaches and members of the coaching staff will communicate with parents and relatives through broadcast lists on this platform.



  • The correct clothing for training will be solely and exclusively the official one of FC Cartagena. In case of loss or serious deterioration of the clothes that are made available to them, they must acquire a new one, with the parents running the procedures and expenses derived from it.
  • No child will be enrolled until they purchase the official clothing.
  • For the purchase of the official club clothing, a communication will be sent with all the data and the payment gateway to make your purchase through this same website in the corresponding section. The price will be 179.90 euros per complete pack of clothing.


  • All the child's clothing must be marked on the label with their name and surname, never with initials. In this way we will avoid the loss of our sportswear. You will not be able to manipulate the official clothing that is made available to you.


  • The engraving of numbers, names, signatures or other elements is strictly prohibited without the approval of the Management.
  • The engraving on the official clothing of FC Cartagena is exclusively restricted to the decision of the club, both names, numbers, sponsorships, signatures or other elements. The club reserves the right to make any type of modification throughout the season.
  • If you need to make a change in the official clothing, the coach will contact the parents or legal guardians of the child and must deliver the clothing within a maximum period of 7 days.



  • For any game away from home, the Club will inform in the announcement of how the trip will be made, the day and time of the summons, as well as the place of departure. Displacements are facilitated by the club, from 80 kilometers away from our facility. For mileage calculations, only the outbound journey is taken into account.
  • The player must attend the call and meeting place 10 minutes before, properly dressed in the official club clothing indicated by the coach. Any incident with clothing must be reported to the coach.
  • If there is a delay on the part of the player to attend at the call time, he must contact the Club or coach and report the situation.


  • Whatever the means of transport used, you must keep the best of composure on the trip. Any complaint or request during the trip will be communicated with respect to the delegate or expedition leader.
  • In all the trips for which he has been summoned, the player must go and return in the means of transport in which he has been authorized by the Club, unless expressly authorized by the coach or Club.



  • It is totally forbidden to give technical instructions during matches. The coaching staff may seat the player of the father/mother/relative on the bench. This behavior may result in the non-convocation in the next match. At all times the player will be informed of the reason for which the decision is made, seeking that he himself later transfer this information at home, creating a parent/child feedback.


  • It is totally forbidden to step on the grass. Only players and coaching staff may do so. Parents/family members must be in the stands or behind the fences that limit the playing surface. Nor may they sit on the bench or be behind the goals, unless the club authorizes it.


  • It is totally prohibited to protest the arbitration decisions. The coaching staff may seat the player of the father/mother/relative on the bench. This behavior may result in the non-convocation in the next match. At all times the player will be informed of the reason for which the decision is made, seeking that he himself later transfer this information at home, creating a parent/child feedback.


  • It is totally mandatory to attend the call of a team of a higher or lower category than the player. This situation will be determined by the coaching staff and supervised by Management, abiding by and enjoying the experience of the aforementioned player. Non-attendance may result in not being called up for the next match. It is also mandatory to attend any event, activity or action of a social, cultural or sporting nature promoted by the Club. The objectives of personal development, learning or generating dynamic group environments will be aspects that will be achieved through these acts.
  • The call and participation with the team for any type of match and/or competition where they participate for the Club, being their team or the superior by category, will be notified after the last training session prior to the match in due time and manner, with the corresponding citation.
  • Attendance at a match for which you have been summoned will be mandatory, being your team or the superior by category, as well as being present at the scheduled time, except for causes of force majeure that will be immediately notified to the Club or members of the Technical Staff.


The students will be grouped by teams within the structure of FC Cartagena SAD, taking into account the level of each of our teams and as a fundamental premise that the category where our students are active allows them to enjoy the competition. The distribution of the teams will be made at the sole discretion of the technical team. Within the same season, students will be able to progress within the structure of the club, depending on their evolution and always, as already stated, at the discretion of the technical team.


The game is the greatest showcase for the collective and the individual, so their behavior must be extremely correct with the spectator and other protagonists. The player will be responsible for any bad gesture and composure on and off the pitch. He will be subject to the sanction that originates from said bad action, unless the Club deems otherwise.

The referee is the judge and we must respect him in an exemplary manner. Without him, football could not be played. For them, the style of our team is no longer one of respect, but of total collaboration with their function. Any repeated protest, by a coach or player, will be interpreted by the club as a breach of this article, and may lead to sanctions in the form of not calling for the next match.



  • FC Cartagena SAD puts medical services staff at your disposal at its facilities, with a schedule established at the beginning of the season. In case of INJURY, the PHYSIOTHERAPIST must be attended to be treated, cared for and registered in the injury database of the club's physical preparation department.


  • If a player is injured or ill, his first obligation is to notify the COACH or club personnel at that time, who will act in a timely manner.


  • It is totally forbidden to walk barefoot in changing rooms and showers, as well as throw towels or clothes on the floor and step on them. The use of slippers is mandatory, as well as always showering after each game or training session.
  • The player must follow the recommendations of the Technical Staff regarding diet, hygiene and rest in his private life. The care of your teeth and your hours of sleep are very important, which are essential in your academic and sports performance.


  • The lungs and airways are essential for the proper functioning of a soccer player, so smoking is not advisable.
  • Likewise, kidneys and liver are very important in the task of regenerating the blood and since all kinds of alcohol make it difficult for them to function, it is not advisable to drink any alcoholic beverage.



  • Family members are totally prohibited from stepping on the grass. Only players and coaching staff may do so, except in authorized cases, as delegates. Parents/family members must be in the stands or behind the fences that limit the playing surface. Neither will they be able to sit on the bench or be behind the goals. Any communication with the coaching staff must be made outside of these limitations.


  • Fathers, mothers and family members will not enter the designated sports areas, nor will they be able to interrupt the "team moments" that take place between the players and the coaches in the locker room before and after training sessions.


  • On holidays, vacation periods and those considered by the management, there will be no training. Training will not be recovered at other times or on dates other than the stipulated holidays, unless the Coordination considers otherwise.


  • Attendance at training sessions is mandatory, unless expressly authorized by the Technical Staff and more specifically by the coach. Non-attendance due to cause majeure must be communicated to the coach by telephone.


  • Training must be attended with club clothing for this season. In the event of any incident that justifies not wearing club clothing, the coach must be informed, who will indicate the appropriate type of clothing. Likewise, it is mandatory to always bring football boots and material indicated by the coach to each training session. In the same way, it is mandatory to remove for training accessories such as earrings, piercings, bracelets or other materials that may cause dangerous situations during the development of the sessions.


  • A team is a group made up of people of different backgrounds and characters. The player undertakes to behave correctly, facilitating the smooth running of the Club. It is mandatory to collaborate respecting all the members of the club, being pleasant and polite when requesting what is needed from the equipment and field managers, coaches and managers, as well as in proper collaboration and respect with teammates and with their belongings. .


  • When a training session is finished, it is forbidden to stay on the premises and continue training, except with prior consultation and permission from club personnel.


  • If one day the team does not carry out a training session, it is strictly prohibited to train with any of the teams that make up the club, except with prior authorization or consultation with the coaching staff.


  • Participation by the footballer in any sporting event outside the club is prohibited: training at other clubs, recruitment tests, football or futsal tournaments, any team or team that does not belong to the Football Federation of the Region of Murcia or the Spanish Football Federation, without the permission of the club itself.
  • We inform you that in accordance with the provisions of Law 8/2015, of March 24, on Physical Activity and Sports in the Region of Murcia, this type of selection or combination is considered illegal for all purposes.
  • No player who could attend this type of event will be covered by the Mutualidad de Futbolistas Españoles in case of injury.
  • The Club reminds all parents or guardians that in accordance with the provisions of art. 117 of the General Regulations of the RFEF, in the event that a player attends the call for this type of teams or combinations, said player will incur disciplinary responsibility.
  • Likewise, the club informs of the express refusal, with a period until June 30, for the players of the Youth Academy to attend any training or tournament with clubs or sports schools, training or tournament with clubs agreed to professional clubs or clubs outside the FC Cartagena, without the consent of the Club. In the event that a youth player actually incurs this disciplinary offense considered very serious, he will be automatically expelled from the Club.


  • Both in training and in matches, the use of mobile phones is prohibited once you enter the locker room; the mobile has to be turned off or in silent mode. Similarly, the use of images or videos that may imply or incite discrimination, xenophobia or violence is prohibited.


  • The material from the Quarry belongs to everyone and, therefore, we have to take care of it. We must not misuse it and use it for what is designated. With the help of the coaches, the students will take out the necessary material for the training session in a rotating manner, as well as help to collect it.



As a coach, parent or club player, you not only represent yourself, but also the shield and the brand you defend, therefore, responsible use of social networks is recommended. Good deeds in RRSS:

  • Send messages of union and camaraderie, a feeling of belonging to the club or to a team within it.
  • Support an injured teammate.
  • Send messages of encouragement to the first team, a teammate or the coaching staff.
  • Upload photos of the match.
  • Share educational, training content or technical-tactical analysis that can be used by other colleagues.


The footballer, in his social sphere, is a public figure, which society identifies and immediately relates to the image of the Club. For all these reasons, his composure in society must be completely correct at all times and in all circumstances, for him and for the benefit of the Club.


Players, parents and coaches must show respect on social networks on issues related to the Club, the first team, gender violence, xenophobia or violence, thus complying with this Internal Regime and with the Protocol against violence and xenophobia of the club.


The faults will be classified as follows:

Slight faults:

They will be sanctioned with a verbal or written reprimand. In addition, it could carry with it the non-call to one (1) or two (2) parties.

Serious misconduct:

In the event that the behavior is inappropriate during the matches, in such a way that it produces EXPULSION and federative SANCTION, it will be considered the full responsibility of the sanctioned subject, if he is a COACH. In the case of PLAYERS, if the event is the consequence of a game incident, it will NOT be taken into account for disciplinary purposes by the Club; if it is due to inappropriate conduct, which harms the player himself and the team, he will be held responsible. In cases of responsibility of the subject, will be deducted from their emoluments in the economic amount of the sanction. Likewise, serious offenses will be considered:

  • Reiteration of two or more Minor Offenses.
  • Disrespecting the coaching staff, insulting, belittling or doubting their decisions, in person or through electronic applications or social networks.
  • Disrespecting a colleague, verbally or physically, in person or through electronic applications or social networks.
  • Disrespecting any person during a competition (referee, opponent, public).
  • Lack of respect for the Club, coaches, coaching staff or Club players or in matters related to the first team, gender violence, xenophobia or violence through social networks.
  • Subtract material from the Selection or from a partner.

Very Serious Offenses:

  • Verbal or physical aggression towards technicians.
  • Verbal or physical assault on a partner.
  • Insult or attack the referee, opponents, public.
  • Repetition of two or more serious offenses.